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Lowe Longshanks


Lowe is a PvP master, and minion of Gort Longshanks, also Lowe has been with the guild soon after Guild Wars 2 came out, starting with simple PvE and then getting serious with WvW and PvP, he'll often be in zergs, dueling it out, or gathering materials. He's known as the WvW and PvP expert, and being the loose cannon at times. You'll find him also playing a variety of games including; Rocket League, 7 days to die, Call of duty: Black ops 3, and Mobile Legends, recently more of Empyrion and Planetside 2


“Can you spare any gold?”

“Through action a man becomes a hero, Through death a hero becomes a legend, Through time a legend becomes a myth, And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes action….This is True Immortality.”

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